Gisborne Adventure Playground

Adventures for kids of all ages and abilities
Gisborne Adventure Playground is not the only park along Jacksons Creek in Gisborne, however, the Adventure Park is the largest and offers the best options for all ages and abilities. The playground is looking tired, possibly from being such a popular spot with much use, however, the equipment is before its time and great fun.

All areas of the park offer a great vision of kids play.   For parents with younger tots, there is a fenced off area with age appropriate equipment. Multiple swings and flying foxes are helpful in managing the many visitors. The playground is easily accessible and also offers a wheelchair swing.

The public toilet is a fair distance from this park (approx. 1km return trip). It is across the creek to the north of the playground. A large rotunda is nearby to offer shade should it rain unexpectedly.

  • Baby Swing - YES

  • Nearby Toilet - YES (however not close enough for a faint hearted toddler!)

  • Water Fountain - YES

  • Nearby BBQ Facilities - YES

  • Nearby Coffee - YES

  • Fully Fenced Area - YES