Trentham Quarry Street Reserve Playground

Safe play in a picturesque setting
Trentham Quarry Street Reserve located within walking distance of Trentham's main street (High Street) and coffee!  The fully fenced playground is a great place to take multiple children of varying ages.  There are 2 distinct playsets suitable for a younger toddler and the other for older children.  The lake is beautiful with large shade trees, ducks and native birds.  There is a crushed sandstone pathway around the lake.  Not ideal for scooters, but great for walking, strollers, and bikes.

There is a BBQ area with adjoining public toilets.  The area has 2 electric BBQ's and picnic tables under cover.

There is a red bridge to the south of the reserve which expands over a small stream.  In warmer months this is ideal for supervised splashing and play.

Baby Swing - YES
Nearby Toilet - YES
Nearby BBQ Facilities - YES
Nearby Coffee - YES
Fully Fenced Area - YES
Additional - Dogs on a lead