Taranaki Farm – Joel Salatin : Inspiring Family Farm Tour

Apr 14, 10:00am - 02:00pm

Join JOEL SALATIN of Polyface Farm (USA) and BEN FALLOON of Taranaki Farm for an inspirational family-friendly 2-hour FARM TOUR. A wonderful day out for the whole family. Less than one hour north of Melbourne.

Two dates : April, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th
Adults : $65
Under 12 : Free


Dubbed the ‘world’s most innovative farmer’ Joel Salatin returns once again to Taranaki Farm in North Central Victoria. Get ready for a tour filled with the wisdom and humor of the outrageous and outspoken Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. Get an in-depth introduction to Polyface Farms and philosophy, strategies for success, and share in Joel’s vision for an ideal farm-to-consumer food. All inside Australia’s premier Polyface inspired Taranaki Farm.

THE TOUR: This is experience offers a genuine look into the workings of a farm that’s been at the forefront of Regenerative Agriculture and Ethical Animal Husbandry for over a decade. Designed to be family friend and entertaining, it will be a great day out for the whole family. Pigs, cows and chickens! You’ll learn how we orchestrate the movements of our this livestock to produce maximum natural pasture fertilisation, soil improvement and enhanced animal well-being.

Visit pastured hens living with our majestic and fully mobile hen houses. Broiler meat chicken fleets in coordinated formation traversing the landscape and contented forest dwelling social pigs, massaging and encouraging soil life through ‘strategic disturbance’.
It’s your unmissable opportunity to personally certify our farm in a way no food label ever could. See for yourself how we raise our livestock. Walk away confident in our responsible management and deepen your connection with the farm.


Let us welcome you to our newly opened and wonderful Farm Shop (a true labour of love) and see our extraordinary chalk mural by local artist Natalie Davis. Take home our delicious pastured pork, chicken and beef in cooler bags and sign up in person to our buying clubs. Tours begin and end at the shop so it’s also a great opportunity to chat with Joel Salatin, Ben Falloon and staff. Joel will also be signing books following the events.
OPTIONAL BONUS EVENT: This part of the day is elective and will follow the public tour. Where your food comes from has become so important to so many. To celebrate Taranaki Farm’s groundbreaking Pozible Campaign (tinyurl.com/farmpozible) and build of the prototype On-Farm Micro Abattoir for poultry, Joel and Ben will demonstrate poultry processing and walk you through the steps in bringing food to your table. Practising full transparency, we’ll take you from the paddock to the plate – ethical food from start to finish.

A rare opportunity to join Joel Salatin – the most recognised leader in pastured poultry production in the USA. He’ll roll up his sleeves and demonstrate the process of slaughtering chickens while speaking of our need as a community to respect and engage with nature. Attendance to this optional bonus event places discretion in parents hands where children are concerned. This is your responsibility.

Taranaki Farm, 5 Falloons Road Woodend VIC Australia

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