Holistic approach to health and wellbeing

'Our patients are pleased but mostly relieved.  Often, they have been suffering for too long.  They leave knowing what’s wrong with them and what their steps are for recovery.'

Kyneton Good Self integrative Health and Wellbeing

It’s often difficult to self-diagnose, and to know from the onset who best to approach with your health concerns.  That’s where it’s refreshing to learn about the ingenious practices of Kate and Sonya, Clinical Naturopath and Osteopath, from the Good Self, Kyneton.  Together they saw the need to collaborate, assessing your ailments from more than one perspective, and in turn providing you better solutions for a faster recovery.

Turn Around Here had a chance to catch up with Kate and Sonya to learn more.

Can you tell us a bit about the Good Self?

We provide clinical, natural health solutions for people who have multiple health conditions, or for that matter, health conditions that they have had some treatment for, but just won’t go away.

Our core strategy is to provide collaborative care where you can have access to multi-disciplinary practitioners under the one roof. Having access to more practitioners can help to accelerate diagnosis and your recovery.  Complex cases can be address from multiple angles, from practitioners approaching your concerns from more than one specialisation or field.

Can you describe the type of person who will value the Good Self the most?

We know the Good Self will benefit women aged between 35-55 the most. You may be confused about what to do. You may be suffering from hormonal imbalances (e.g. PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis), period pain, hormonal acne, weight gain, joint pain, neck pain, anxiety and hip pain/injury.  We’re here to help make your life pain free, so you can enjoy living again!

What is your vision for Good Self?

It’s our vision for every person who seeks care from a Good Self practitioner to experience a collaborative approach to their health and wellbeing. We believe that you will receive better results when you have a team of practitioners and/or other health professionals working together.

In addition to this we want to build the visibility and add to the credibility of natural medicine practices.   Women in particular, can have access to safe, effective and affordable holistic healthcare that gets results. You should be able to love life without physical or emotional pain getting in the way.

For those visiting Victoria’s wellness region, what services do you offer?

As well as long term care we also provide acute, shorter sessions with both our Osteopath and Naturopath.

Acute Osteopathic sessions (30 mins) can provide symptomatic relief from headaches, back, neck, shoulder and/or hip pain.  A session with Sonya can include deep tissue massage, dry needling and myofascial release techniques that can reduce stress levels and control pain.

Acute Naturopathic sessions (15 mins) are available for visitors who are seeking a natural treatment for a cold/flu, sinusitis, urinary tract infection, period pain, headache or skin infections.  Kate is trained in providing a personalised prescription of herbal or nutritional medicines to help feel better quicker, without the side effects of traditional medication.

Finally, what’s the feedback been so far?

Our patients are pleased but mostly relieved.  Often, they have been suffering for too long.  They leave knowing what’s wrong with them and what their steps are for recovery. They have a sense of calm, clarity and relief that their health is back on track and they can get back enjoying life!


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